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SayberX – Best Male Sex Toy of 2017


SayberX ($249)

The exciting new SayberX British designed and German manufactured male masturbator was my pick as the best sex toy for men in 2017. Utilizing the same engineering design as cheaper toys such as the Autoblow, the SayberX is a far more polished effort that finally gets it right – the simple trick of rings tightening and loosening around a masturbation sleeve to create the powerful sensation of the penis being sucked or ridden.

The other notable feature of the toy is that it can be used as a haptic masturbator and remote sex toy via a smartphone app and an accompanying ring which can be operated by a partner or webcam performer etc.

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Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Male Masturbator

Hot Octopus 3 ($109)

One of the most exciting and popular new sex toy products for men in years, the Hot Octopus pulse masturbator is now in its 3rd edition already.  The latest iteration is an insane 25% more powerful vibrator than its predecessor, and includes a ‘turbo mode’ which takes you from zero to hero in seconds.

Not just another male masturbator, this vibrator for men with a pioneering design that allows it to be used as a male stroker, a hands free masturbator, or even worn as a sex toy for couples whilst making love.

The revolutionary ‘PulsePlate’ sends ocillitating vibrations along the entire length of your penis with five different modes of fun.

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Two’s Company Realistic Vagina & Ass

twos-company-vagina-assTwo’s Company ($54)
Two’s Company is a new ‘ultra-realistic’ vagina and ass toy from PalmRubs. The first thing to notice about this toy is the price category – it’s significantly cheaper than most ‘realistic’ vagina/ass toys. At such a low price, you’d expect it to cut some corners, and it does. For example, unlike the more expensive masturbators in this niche, the vagina and ass canals are open-ended. This at least makes for easier cleaning, something which can be a huge problem for the more expensive versions (given their weight). The canals are also nubbed, rather than ribbed. Some customers may prefer that, of course. It’s also quite a bit smaller than other realistic asses that I’ve seen. However, it does look realistic, despite its size and price. All in all, a good introduction to these type of realistic toys at a very low price. You can watch a video describing the toy at Lovehoney (click the link or image above).

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LoveHoney O Force Male Vibrator

love-honey-o-forceO Force ($49)

The LoveHoney O Force is the latest male vibrator that has been released on to the market. The O Force doesn’t offer anything radically new as compared to its rivals but is a little bit cheaper. Also, it does have a super sleek design and a simplicity of operation and feel. The O Force might be a good choice for men trying a male vibrator for the first time. As you would expect from LoveHoney, it’s a quality reasonably priced toy that has been well recieved by customers.

Cock Rings Electric Stimulation Sex toys

ElectraStim Electric Cock Ring

electrasim-electrosexElectro Cock Ring ($39)

This is the next generation of deluxe cock rings – a beautiful metal ring that stimulates your shaft through gentle electrical currents.

The tingling sensation you will get in your penis is like nothing you have experienced before.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the ElectraStim Power Unit.


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Pom Girls Rachel Self-Heating Male Masturbator

pom-girls-masturbatorPom Girls Rachel ($78)

A delicious self-heating vibrating male masturbator, realistically modelled on the warm tight pussy of a teenage Pom girl.

The self-heating feature together with the ultra-realistic texture, is combined with 9 functions of vibration and pulsation…taking you beyond even the real thing.

The inner sleeve of the masturbator is intricately ribbed and also tight and snug, as you would expect a real teen pussy to be.


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Pipedream Extreme Vibrating and Rotating Male Masturbator

pipedream-vibratorPipedream Rotating Masturbator ($89)

The latest in a string of vibrating male masturbators that has started appearing on the market.  This one is from established sex toy manufacturers PIPEDREAM, famous for their high end life-like sex toys.

As you might expect, this vibrator for men is highly sophisticated with no less than 3 vibration speeds and 7 different patterns.  But more than simply a male vibrator, this toy also ROTATES around your penis, brushing delicious soft fins against your penis.  There are three different rotation speeds, and the masturbator rotates in both directions.

This looks to be the best effort ata ‘rotator’ sex toy for men yet made, but be sure to lube up plenty or your cock will feel de-sensitized rather than stimulated.

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Apollo Power Stroker Vibrating Male Masturbator with Suction Cup

apollo-power-strokerApollo Power Stroker ($74)

Could this new vibrating masturbator be the best male sex toy ever made?

It’s certainly on paper the most sophisticated male masturbator in the world, with no less than 30 vibration settings, and it’s already earned one rave customer review at LoveHoney.

A vibrating male masturbator in the mould of the famous and popular Cobra Libre, this appears to be in many ways a more advanced version of that successful sex toy for men.  Unlike the Cobra Libre, it is possible to pump this masturbator as you feel the waves of vibration pass along your penis.

The Apollo Power Stroker also  comes with  a suction cup allowing you to enjoy hands free masturbation.

Not many new male sex toys warrent the advice ‘must buy’, but this is surely one of them.

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Dr Joel Kaplan Compact Vibrating Prostate Massager

dr-joel-kaplan-compactCompact Prostate Massager ($29)

A suberb new sex toy for men, Dr Joel Kaplan has managed to produce a compact prostate vibrator that is a highly affordable $29.

Not only compact and portable, but extremely stylish.  What’s more, this prostate vibrator does the job well – hitting the p-spot every time with an effective single speed vibration.

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Hot Octopuss PULSE Vibrating Male Masturbator

hot-pulse-octopussHot Octopuss PULSE ($104)

This intriguing sex toy promises to do things that no other male sex toy has ever done.  Not only does it massage the full length of your penis using electronic pulse technology, it also aims to send targettted pulses into your frenulum – the elastic tissue connecting your penis head to your foreskin.

On paper, this is the most exciting new sex toy for men since the Cobra Libre.  However, unlike that universally well recieved sex toy, the Hot Octopuss has sadly already gotten a couple of dissapointing reviews at LoveHoney.  Customers have also noted that rather than ‘pulses’, the sex toy is more of a male vibrator in the manner of the Cobra Libre, although not doing the job as well as that toy.