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SayberX – Best Male Sex Toy of 2017


SayberX ($249)

The exciting new SayberX British designed and German manufactured male masturbator was my pick as the best sex toy for men in 2017. Utilizing the same engineering design as cheaper toys such as the Autoblow, the SayberX is a far more polished effort that finally gets it right – the simple trick of rings tightening and loosening around a masturbation sleeve to create the powerful sensation of the penis being sucked or ridden.

The other notable feature of the toy is that it can be used as a haptic masturbator and remote sex toy via a smartphone app and an accompanying ring which can be operated by a partner or webcam performer etc.

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PDX Jizz Junkie

pdx-jizzPDX Jizz Junkie ($211)

Ultra realistic male masturbator that allows you to grip the hips of a sexy girl as her tight pussy grips around your cock, making every stroke in and out of her sweet snatch sheer bliss!

The look, the feel, and even the sound that the realistic ‘Fanta Flesh’ makes as you slap against it is ultra life-like.  By the time you are ready to explode your nuts inside of this thing, you will forget that you are fucking a sex toy and believe you are cumming inside a real girl.

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RealTouch Launches Live Interactive Virtual Sex

RealTouch have finally launched their much anticipated ‘Interactive Sex’ experience for users of the toy.  If you own a RealTouch, you can now have live physical sex across the internet with beautiful sexy models – the world’s first true virtual sex for men has now arrived.

You can see how RealTouch Interactive works, and buy the Virtual Sex device yourself, at their homepage (click the image below) :

realtouch interactive

The RealTouch might not have a monopoly on the Virtual Sex Toy market for long, however.  A new internet sex toy is being developed for the iPhone generation.  Unfortunately, ‘LovePalz’ was kicked off crowd source funding site KickStarter, but the virtual sex device appears to be very much still in the works :