Hot Octopuss PULSE Vibrating Male Masturbator

hot-pulse-octopussHot Octopuss PULSE ($104)

This intriguing sex toy promises to do things that no other male sex toy has ever done.  Not only does it massage the full length of your penis using electronic pulse technology, it also aims to send targettted pulses into your frenulum – the elastic tissue connecting your penis head to your foreskin.

On paper, this is the most exciting new sex toy for men since the Cobra Libre.  However, unlike that universally well recieved sex toy, the Hot Octopuss has sadly already gotten a couple of dissapointing reviews at LoveHoney.  Customers have also noted that rather than ‘pulses’, the sex toy is more of a male vibrator in the manner of the Cobra Libre, although not doing the job as well as that toy.

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