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SayberX – Best Male Sex Toy of 2017


SayberX ($249)

The exciting new SayberX British designed and German manufactured male masturbator was my pick as the best sex toy for men in 2017. Utilizing the same engineering design as cheaper toys such as the Autoblow, the SayberX is a far more polished effort that finally gets it right – the simple trick of rings tightening and loosening around a masturbation sleeve to create the powerful sensation of the penis being sucked or ridden.

The other notable feature of the toy is that it can be used as a haptic masturbator and remote sex toy via a smartphone app and an accompanying ring which can be operated by a partner or webcam performer etc.

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Hot Octopuss Pulse 3 Male Masturbator

Hot Octopus 3 ($109)

One of the most exciting and popular new sex toy products for men in years, the Hot Octopus pulse masturbator is now in its 3rd edition already.  The latest iteration is an insane 25% more powerful vibrator than its predecessor, and includes a ‘turbo mode’ which takes you from zero to hero in seconds.

Not just another male masturbator, this vibrator for men with a pioneering design that allows it to be used as a male stroker, a hands free masturbator, or even worn as a sex toy for couples whilst making love.

The revolutionary ‘PulsePlate’ sends ocillitating vibrations along the entire length of your penis with five different modes of fun.

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Apollo Power Stroker Vibrating Male Masturbator with Suction Cup

apollo-power-strokerApollo Power Stroker ($74)

Could this new vibrating masturbator be the best male sex toy ever made?

It’s certainly on paper the most sophisticated male masturbator in the world, with no less than 30 vibration settings, and it’s already earned one rave customer review at LoveHoney.

A vibrating male masturbator in the mould of the famous and popular Cobra Libre, this appears to be in many ways a more advanced version of that successful sex toy for men.  Unlike the Cobra Libre, it is possible to pump this masturbator as you feel the waves of vibration pass along your penis.

The Apollo Power Stroker also  comes with  a suction cup allowing you to enjoy hands free masturbation.

Not many new male sex toys warrent the advice ‘must buy’, but this is surely one of them.

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New Ultra Realistic Doggy Style Sex Toy from Pipedream

I recently highlighted a new realistic doggy style masturbator here, and there are a few such luxury masturbators on the market now. But let’s face it. A doggy style fuck isn’t the real thing unless you can grab hold of her legs, or even feet, while you go in balls deep with your balls slapping against her ass cheeks! Well with this new extremely realistic toy from Pipedream, you can do just that at last!
pipedream-flip-n-fuckPipedream Flip-N-Fuck-Me ($431)

The stand out feature of this unique new sex toy is the amazingly realistic feet.  If you have any kind of foot fetish, then you have to own this toy.

This is a bit like owning half of an incredibly realistic sex doll.  But let’s face it, it’s the best half, and at just over $400 comes in at a fraction of what a luxury realistic sex doll would cost you.  This is perfect to bang doggy style or missionary style.


Flight is the Next Evolution of the Fleshlight

The next evolution of the Fleshlight has been released in America and the UK – the Flight is a transparent Fleshlight that appears to be something of a cross between a traditional Fleshlight and a Tenga masturbator.  If you think that sounds good – it is.  At least according to reviews from customers that have been published online so far in both the USA and UK.


The Flight Masturbator from Fleshlight

It appears that Fleshlight have taken a leaf out of Japanese sex toy manufacturers, including of course Tenga, and decided to create a masturbator that has been designed mainly to give unparalleled stimulation to a man rather than simply mimic a female vagina.

Despite being more sophisticated and quite different in design than any previous Fleshlight, the Flight is being released at a price that makes it comparable to the cheaper ended pocket pussy toys. It’s long open ended sleeve means that it is just as easy to clean as existing Fleshlights, and should even fit in to any Fleshlight case.

The release of the Flight is definately one of the big male sex toy events of the year. I hope to put a full review of the toy up here very soon.


More Than Five Million Fleshlights Sold

The five millionth Fleshlight male sex toy has recently been sold, the company behind the toy announced this week.  Fleshlight began around 1998, at a time when male sex toys were limited almost entirely to blow up dolls and extremely cheap and ineffective masturbators.  The company continues to innovate, launching items such as the Fleshlight Vibro last year, and now sells around a million products annually.


Cobra Libre Review

Cobra LibreThe Cobra Libre is taking the male sex toy world by storm! Not only does it have a stunning external design, based upon a stylish racing car design, but it works in a way like no other male sex toy that has gone before it.

This sex toy is only designed to masturbate your penis head. It’s not a fake pussy like a Fleshlight or even Tenga, but something that can be described as a genuine male vibrator. The internal motor engines of this sleek car shaped toy will turbo charge your masturbation sessions to new heights. Finger tip manipulation of the toy’s smooth exterior controls the pleasure and vibration that you feel on your penis head.

As a long time user of male sex toys, using the Cobra Libre for the first time was a quite genuinely new and unique experience for me. Buzzing your penis head with the thing is something like feeling you are being masturbated AND massaged at the same time. Because there is no thrusting or stroking involved, it can take a while to orgasm – but believe me, it will the most incredible orgasm you’ve likely ever had through masturbating. You can also use this toy with a masturbator during your solo sessions. For example, when you feel you’re close to cumming into a Fleshlight, switch to the Cobra, lie back, and give your penis a luxurious buzz. If you’ve timed it right, you won’t quite cum immediately, but you’ll feel like you’re having one long orgasm.

The Cobra Libre is earning rave reviews from just about everybody who has tried it. It’s so popular that it sells out very fast. If it’s in stock, I suggest you grab it now. Available in three different colours.

Buy the Cobra Libre for just $139