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Realistic Japanese Pornstar Breasts

Japanese sex toy manufacturers are famous for making some of the most crazily realistic sex toys in the world – from pocket vaginas (Onaholes) to those famous Japanese Love Dolls.  Many of these sex toys are based upon famous Japanese porn actresses or ‘Idols’.  If you’re an admirer of Japanese women, and especially if you are a ‘boobs man’, you will be pleased to know that you can now buy an ultra-realistic pair of boobs modelled on the breasts of a famous Japanese Idol – Risa Kasumi.

risa kasumi jav porn


Dutch Wife Love Doll Apron Hug Pillow

‘Dutch Wife’ is the Japanese slang term for a love doll.  Hug Pillows are a kind of men’s toy unique to Japan – pillows that resemble females and can be hugged as you fall asleep with your arms wrapped around them.  This Dutch Wife Love Doll Apron set combines the features of both a Dutch Wife and a Hug Pillow in the form of an apron that can be wrapped around a pillow.  With realistic breasts and space for you to insert your own Onahole.  Click the image for more info :

love apron