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Ashley Blue’s Cyberskin Pussy and Ass Review – First Impressions

ashley blueAshley Blue Cyberskin Pussy Ass ($205)

I bought this realistic pussy and ass toy last week, and I’ve used it twice since opening the box.  I’ll write a full review when I’ve had more use of it, but here are my initial thoughts.

This was the first realistic pussy and ass toy that I’ve bought, so i was really looking forward to it – especially the idea of banging it doggystyle.  One reviewer had complained that this wasn’t possible because the masturbation sleeve is at a horizontal angle, but as I hadn’t read any other customers noting that, I decided I’d give it a go anyway.

Well, I took it out of the box, lubed it up and was ready to go.  Note that the toy is not completely three-dimensional – the other side is simply two hollow ass cheeks.  The advantage of this is that the toy will fit steady on just about any fairly flat surface, even a pillow.

I first tried resting the masturbator against a couple of cushions pressed against the end of my bed, at an upturned angle so I could try fucking it doggy style as I had hoped.  Unfortunately, after struggling to get my cock inside of the pussy, I realised that the customer review had been correct.  You are evidently supposed to fuck the toy with it resting down.  I was a little disappointed, but upon placing the Ashley Blue at a more horizontal angle I was able to slide my dick in quite easily – and immediately I was able to start fucking it hands free and the ‘skin’ is so realistic that it really did feel like I was slamming my balls against a real ass.  This isn’t quite ‘doggy style’ but it feels exceptionally like fucking a girl who is lying on her stomach, legs apart.  In fact, the first time I used it I experienced the best orgasm I have ever had using a sex toy – as I was climaxing I forgot that I was simply ‘masturbating’.  Just look at some good porn whilst fucking this (or picture your dream girl) and it really becomes a virtual sex toy. (you could of course, think about pornstar Ashley Blue, but she’s not my favourite so…).

I’ve used it twice, and the second time was as good as the first – and I entered it a lot easier.  I’m looking forward to getting a lot of use of it, and I’ll write a fuller review or post a video review some time soon, but I would definately highly recommend it as a realistic Cyberskin toy.


Cobra Libre Review

Cobra LibreThe Cobra Libre is taking the male sex toy world by storm! Not only does it have a stunning external design, based upon a stylish racing car design, but it works in a way like no other male sex toy that has gone before it.

This sex toy is only designed to masturbate your penis head. It’s not a fake pussy like a Fleshlight or even Tenga, but something that can be described as a genuine male vibrator. The internal motor engines of this sleek car shaped toy will turbo charge your masturbation sessions to new heights. Finger tip manipulation of the toy’s smooth exterior controls the pleasure and vibration that you feel on your penis head.

As a long time user of male sex toys, using the Cobra Libre for the first time was a quite genuinely new and unique experience for me. Buzzing your penis head with the thing is something like feeling you are being masturbated AND massaged at the same time. Because there is no thrusting or stroking involved, it can take a while to orgasm – but believe me, it will the most incredible orgasm you’ve likely ever had through masturbating. You can also use this toy with a masturbator during your solo sessions. For example, when you feel you’re close to cumming into a Fleshlight, switch to the Cobra, lie back, and give your penis a luxurious buzz. If you’ve timed it right, you won’t quite cum immediately, but you’ll feel like you’re having one long orgasm.

The Cobra Libre is earning rave reviews from just about everybody who has tried it. It’s so popular that it sells out very fast. If it’s in stock, I suggest you grab it now. Available in three different colours.

Buy the Cobra Libre for just $139