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Tenga 3D Male Sex Toy Series Awarded Top Design Award

In another sign that male sex toys are becoming as ‘mainstream’ and accepted as the female variety, the revolutionary Tenga 3D series of masturbators has just won a top design award.

The Red dot awards, which saw among other corporations received it before, Apple, BMW, Dyson and Nikon in 2011, are the biggest of its kind, with a jury of international experts judging products from all over the world.

The TENGA 3D Series are the first ever male pleasure item to be awarded the prestigious “red dot award” proving itself as a product of design excellence…

..TENGA Co. was founded in July 2005 on the concept of “Bringing sexual wellness to the mainstream for everyone to enjoy” releasing the “male pleasure item” brand TENGA; a line of safe, functional, well-designed and above all enjoyable items for male self-pleasure.

The revolutionary products did away with the obscene imagery and lewd products of the past, with pioneering design and technology creating products of functionality never seen before in the industry. The first five TENGA CUPs sold over one million units in their first year, and the entire TENGA line up have now sold over 19 million units in over 40 countries worldwide – making the TENGA brand the best-selling male pleasure item brand in the world.

Sources include : http://www.journalism.co.uk/press-releases/tenga-3d-series-awarded-red-dot-award-product-design-2012-in-germany/s66/a548412/

tenga 3d pile
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Tenga 3D Sleeve

module 3DTenga 3D Sleeves ($55)

It’s always exciting when Tenga introduce a new male sex toy, and with the Tenga 3D Sleeves, they’ve innovated again and produced a sex toy that is both unique and essential.

The 3D Sleeves are all reversible – this means that if you turn them inside out, you get a different masturbation sleeve.  And each sleeve is highly unique, with Tenga’s famously complex ribbed textures marking each one in a different way.  For example, the sleeve in the image above is the ‘Module Tenga 3D’.  A chequered pattern of alternately protuding and receding blocks that rub and grip your penis respectively.