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RealTouch Launches Live Interactive Virtual Sex

RealTouch have finally launched their much anticipated ‘Interactive Sex’ experience for users of the toy.  If you own a RealTouch, you can now have live physical sex across the internet with beautiful sexy models – the world’s first true virtual sex for men has now arrived.

You can see how RealTouch Interactive works, and buy the Virtual Sex device yourself, at their homepage (click the image below) :

realtouch interactive

The RealTouch might not have a monopoly on the Virtual Sex Toy market for long, however.  A new internet sex toy is being developed for the iPhone generation.  Unfortunately, ‘LovePalz’ was kicked off crowd source funding site KickStarter, but the virtual sex device appears to be very much still in the works :



RealTouch Introduces Live Virtual Sex Experiences

RealTouch is already famous as the world’s first virtual sex toy for men.  It’s been around for several years now, and allows you to experience the porn video you are watching via a mechanised masturbator attached to your computer. Whatever happens to the male actor’s dick in the porn video happens to your dick through synchronised ‘teledildonics’ – so for example you feel a handjob as the pornstar is giving a handjob in the video.

Today, however, RealTouch announced the next stage in the evolution of virtual sex – live interactive virtual sex with webcam performers via the male user’s RealTouch device and a haptic dildo shaped ‘input’ device used by the female webcam star.

The RealTouch ‘True Internet Sex’ experience is only at the Beta testing stage – at the moment you need to apply to try it out.  First thing you will need is to buy a RealTouch, if you haven’t already done so.  Click on the banner below to order the RealTouch virtual sex device now :